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Crackle & Pop! is a small but comfortable recording studio located in Seattle WA. in Ballard's industrial district. Since 2006 it's been a great place to do overdubs, mixing, and small combo recordings. Founded by Johnny Sangster, Andrew Smith and Scott Masoner, the studio has grown to become a larger collective bringing a fine collection of gear and instruments to a cozy and functional place to craft records.


Crackle & Pop! can be rented (without an engineer) for $200 a day and $20 an hour (4 hour minimum). Full days take precedence on weekends. We may ask you for a deposit depending on the booking. Deposits are refundable for sessions cancelled or moved up to 48 hours prior. After that we use your money to buy Tequila.

We welcome freelance engineers to use the studio. For engineers who haven't used the studio before we like to spend a few hours helping to get the session rolling. A $25 hourly fee applies to pay for this service.

You can also contact one of our producer/engineers to help you with your project. They can provide details on their rates.

Recording Media:

It is the client's responsibility to bring a harddrive to record to unless other arrangements have been made with the studio. We also recommend bringing in a second drive to back up to at the end of each session. If it is not possible for the client to bring storage media to the session, Crackle & Pop! can provide a temporary drive to record to. However it is not the studio's responsibility to save this media, or back it up. The client must bring a drive to take the session with them.


These are the fine folks behind Crackle & Pop!

Johnny Sangster

Known for his production and engineering work with Mudhoney, Posies, The Supersuckers, Smoosh, The Fucking Eagles and The Cute Lepers, and also as guitarist for the Tripwires, Mark Pickerel and his Praying Hands, The Dear John Letters and Steve Turner’s Bad Ideas. He also has served as bassist for the legendary Roy Loney in the Longshots, plays keys in Rusty Willoughby's Cobirds Unite and guitar for Danish Pedal Steel goddess Maggie Bjorklund. Recent production projects include Maggie Bjorklunds's debut record Coming Home, Star Anna's The Sky Is Falling, and Mudhoney's The Vanishing Point..


Paul Hiraga

Paul Hiraga

Paul is a Seattle Musician and Producer/Engineer, and one of the newest members of the C&P team. With his project, Downpilot, he has released four critically acclaimed albums and continues to tour in Europe and the US.His most recent studio credits include Alessandra Rose, Terry de Castro (ex-Wedding Present), Simone White, Jeff Brown / Half Rushmore, and Downpilot. Paul also digs vintage electronics, and designs and builds custom amplifiers, compressors, tube preamps and microphones, many of which are in service at Crackle and Pop.

Andrew Smith

Andrew is a musician, photographer, and founding partner at Crackle & Pop! and has spearheaded the Live @ Crackle & Pop! video series. He plays in the band Crown Aruba and also has a technology career at Nintendo USA. He is therefor the resident computer expert and solver of all computer related issues at the studio.




Other engineers who like to use Crackle & Pop! are:

Randall Dunn
Jon Auer
Kurt Bloch
Brad Zeffren
Eric Corson
Ken Stringfellow
Matt Brown
Johnny Nails
Gary Reynolds
Terry Mattsen



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