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Over the course of our short history we've had the pleasure of working with
some very fine artists at Crackle & Pop! Here's a few of them:

The Purrs
Allesandra Rose
Lindsay Fuller
Red Jacket Mine
The Smokey Brights
The Crying Shame
Hounds of the Wild Hunt
The Cute Lepers
Star Anna
Hearts Are Thugs
Cobirds Unite
Sherylin Segrest
Massy Ferguson
The Tripwires
Maggie Bjorklund
Eric Lichter
Shane Tutmarc
Ken Stringfellow
The Sweet Pups
The Fucking Eagles
The Mother Hips
Kasey Anderson
Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands
James Apollo
Fan Fiction
The Riffbrokers
World Famous Inc.
Jet City Music
Dept. Of Energy
Barbara Ireland
The Model Rockets
Jet Sparks
Curtains For You
Rusty Willoughby
The Dusty 45s
Massey Ferguson
Andrea Wittgens
Eugene Wendell and the Demon Rind
Boss Martians
Barrett Martin
Roy Loney
Jon Auer
Rachel Flotard
Crown Aruba
Danish American Friendship Choir
H is for Hellgate
Steve Turner
Christy McWilson
The Harborrats
Brad Zeffren
Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity
The Young Sportsmen
North Twin
The Wages of Sin
The Old Haunts
Chuckanut Drive
The Small Change
Whiting Tennis
The Doll Test
New York Rifles
Eileen Cuba w. Peter Langston
Vanessa Vasselka



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